Play someone a Song, Inspire them for a Day... Teach them to play their Song, and Inspire them for a Lifetime

The Instructors

Gavin Roberts

Gavin began his career in teaching from a young age, volunteering his time at his local martial arts school. At nearly the same time he began his training in martial arts he picked up the guitar, and his skills and experience in both martial arts and music grew together. Throughout high school he was a full time instructor working primarily with children ranging in age from 5 to 13. He also participated in the school Jazz Band and studied with local jazz great Steve Homan for two semesters after being awarded a scholarship by the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. He earned his Black Belt by age 16, and by the time he entered college he was being groomed to take over as manager and head instructor of the school. Turning down this opportunity to instead pursue his interest in music, he began his education in music theory at American River college. There, he participated in the Jazz ensemble and was a recipient in the applied music scholarship program. At this time he began to apply his teaching skills to private guitar lessons, and has been teaching music full time ever since. His approach to teaching is steeped in his martial arts background. Likening the path of musical cultivation to the path of the martial artist, he points out: “the pursuits of the beginner are often in blind devotion to an ideal, represented as the ‘black belt’ – the level of mastery we look to when we set out on this path. It is only through simultaneous discipline and surrender that we can turn ourselves over to the process. In this way the white belt that we wear, that symbol of the beginners mind, can soil and tarnish over time and before we know it has turned black of its own accord.”

Grayson Roberts

Grayson began playing guitar casually by the age of 10. However, it wasn’t until middle school that his interest peaked when he formed a Hard Rock/Metal band with friends and began to fill the position of lead singer and guitarist. His pursuits as a vocalist and songwriter led him in many directions, and he developed his taste in acoustic rock and blues as his songwriting skills grew. He was active throughout middle school as a musician, and was even involved with local hip hop producers providing guitar parts, vocals, and engineering assistance. His interests propelled to a pursuit of music as a career when he became involved in the Woodcreek High school guitar program under John Harmon. There, he was involved in the production of dozens of commercial level shows and performances, and developed his skills as a group instructor assisting in the beginning guitar classes as an intern for several semesters. He formed the band “5th Month” with several close friends and fellow students, and by the time he graduated was active as a frontman, guitarist, and performer throughout the greater sacramento area. The band played constantly and toured the west coast for a few years until its members went there seperate ways, and it was at this time that grayson began applying his skill and experience to teaching private lessons. Near this time he was also hired by First Presbyterian Church in Roseville, and has provided his guitar, bass, and vocal talent to enrich the sound of their worship band regularly over the past few years.