The Home Studio

As musicians, we spend a lot of time learning our instruments, teaching ourselves how to play great music. At some point we realize that we should be recording the music that we work so hard on. We may end up recording to our iphone or using the built in mics on our computers and video cameras. We think that high quality recording can only be done in the studio for a lot of money.

The Home Studio workshop is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to setup a basic home recording studio. You’ll learn what an audio interface is and how to use it. Learn about digital audio and how to record and produce with Propellerhead’s Reason. Get tips from a recording engineer on how get get clean audio capture.

You’ll be able to walk in with no prior recording experience and leave with the equipment and software that you need to start recording right away! Whether you just want to lay down some guitar tracks for songwriting or you want to create fully produced studio-grade music, this workshop will give you the start that you need.


3 hour workshop!

Audio interface included!

BONUS! – 90 Day Reason Trial (limited supply)

Topics covered will include:

  • introduction to Reason
  • recording techniques
  • signal flow
  • preamping
  • configuring an audio interface
  • analog-digital conversion
  • microphone choice
  • monitoring
  • mixing

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If you are interested in future workshops, please let us know by emailing us at or by calling (916)915-3326. Thank you!