You can lead an artist to a mic, but you can't make him think.

The Engineers

John Glover

John started playing music at 14. After taking an interest in guitar, he began to learn his favorite songs, teaching himself how to listen for sound characteristics and forcing himself to learn to play by ear. Before long, he was playing in a band through the remaining years of high school. Knowing his passion was in music, and being out of high school, John began to look for opportunities to further his music understanding and involvement. He began an internship for a local record label while attending school with a heavy focus in theory and recording to acquire as much knowledge as he could about the art. His eagerness to grow in music leaves John ready to approach every project with creativity and understanding.

Dean Glover

Dean came into music accidentally. His appreciation for music began with his background in dance. Dean spent over ten years in the Sacramento b-boy scene spinning and flipping about as he developed a keen ear for hip-hop. Having always had an urge to get involved in music somehow, he was exposed to Image-Line’s FL Studio. The floodgates opened and there was no going back for him. He spent the next few years making beats, experimenting and absorbing all the knowledge he could about making music. Dean is extremely fluent with computers and technology which led him to be able to gain an in-depth understanding of how modern digital audio recording works. When he finally came across Propellerheads Reason/Record he made the transition to live recording and learned the art mixing. He now has a knack for overcoming technical hurdles and using the modern advantages of the digital medium to bring out the best in every artist he records.