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what we do


Bring it to life

Let your song reach full maturity. We will invest our full creativity to give your music the attention it deserves.



Track it out

Let the world hear your music. With our experience and tools, we will capture the vision of your sound.



Make it hit

It's not done yet. We will polish your recordings to allow them to reach the quality of your favorite songs.



artist videos

 Stevie Nader ft. Sean Lamarr // “MF Dream”

Thomas & Plecker // “Valerie”

UpRock featured in Reason Commercial


The UpRock Production Team

Founded in 2011, UpRock Audio has become a nexus for music in the locale. UpRock offers a full service production and recording environment that is known for being friendly and creative without sacrificing professionalism. UpRock won Sammy’s in 2013 for Best Recording Studio and Album Of The Year. Our team has continued to develop with the addition of talented local musicians and producers.

Team Member
Dean Glover

Engineer // Producer // Co-Founder

Team Member
John Glover

Producer // Composer // Co-Founder

Team Member
Sam Plecker

Producer // Engineer

Team Member
Carlo "M.Born" Nuevo


Team Member
Max Nichols


  • “Highly skilled in all areas of music production.”

    "As a mixing and mastering engineer, I've had the pleasure of working with UpRock on numerous projects over the years. The entire UpRock team is truly professional and highly skilled in all areas of music production. Everything that comes out of their studio sounds great."

    JASON KWAN MASTERING (Juicy J, Mary J Blige)
  • “My experience there keeps getting better...”

    UpRock is my go to studio. In 2012, I began recording my first album and they guided me through the year long journey of tracking, production and mixing. I spent that year with John and Dean working on music. I was excited to see what we would be able to create and to work with such great people. Although the staff at UpRock are skilled at what they do, what makes them stand alone is their personalities. When you’re creating art, you need to feel comfortable in order to create freely. I’ll continue to recommend them to anyone who asks for a solid, professional studio. Since the completion of my first album, I’ve gone back to UpRock and my experience there keeps getting better. I look forward to years of collaborating with them.

Roseville, CA

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