I t is our calling to bring the joy of making music to everyone. Whether your goal is to write, to perform, to teach, or to simply enjoy playing an instrument, your experience here will prove invaluable. Creativity isn’t taught, it’s inspired; our joy is in leading you to that discovery and being a guide along your path from music lover to musician. Your learning environment here will be unique to any other you’ve experienced. With one facility offering private lessons, group band sessions, concert performance opportunities, recording, engineering, and music workshops, you’ll discover more than enough to inspire. If you are seeking an instructor and are interested in what we have to offer, please contact us at (916) 521-1779, or by filling out the lesson enrollment page. We look forward to working with you! Thank you, Your UpRock Audio Instructors Meet the Instructors Enroll!

Private Instruction

Whether a beginner seeking help with fundamentals, or an advanced player with specific areas of your playing you would like to improve, one on one instruction is a crucial way that we can meet your specific musical needs and help your technical growth in the most efficient manner.  

Group Lessons

For the social learner, and for the individual who needs to take what they’ve learned to the next level, group lessons offer the opportunity to jam, create, and perform with other students of a similar skill level. You’re developing a good relationship between yourself and your instrument, now its time to develop a relationship with other musicians.  


With yearly recitals each student is able to apply what they have learned in the context of a professionally run concert performance. Small group performances and open mics also provide a regular outlet for the student performer

Guitar Summer Camps!

The weeks of June 17th to 21st and June 24 to 28 we will be hosting UpRock Guitar Camps! The first week will be a Beginning Camp, and the second week for Intermediate levels. These sessions will run from 12noon to 2pm and will cover a range of topics, as well as group jamming and performance! Check out our Guitar Camps