26 Jul 2012

“Struggle Of A...

Original score by John Glover

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15 Nov 2011

Mistaken by UpRock Audio,...

“Mistaken” came about when Propellerhead asked us to showcase the power of their new audio interface, Balance. Being huge Propellerhead supporters, we were honored »

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18 Oct 2011
Soul Food - Used To Be

“Used To Be”...

A very special final installment in the Fresh Beat Sundays series, #20 “Used To Be” by M.Born (Carlo Nuevo.) Check out the rest of the FBS series at M.Born’s »

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26 Jul 2011
Coolfield Promo

The Big Question by...

New Song by Coolfield. Recorded @ UpRock Audio.

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11 May 2011
Dream World

Dream World by Carlo Nuevo...

M. Born ft. Brittany Hansen Recorded and Produced by UpRock Audio.

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6 Apr 2011
denver seated laugh

Unchanging Circumstance by...

Unchanging Circumstance by UpRock Audio

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17 Mar 2011
Jacen Caie Recording at UpRock Audio

Jacen Caie – Lover&...

From the Journal of Grayson Roberts… Friday February 18th, 2011: Gavin and I went to the Guitar Center in Roseville to get some supplies in preparation for our student concert, »

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25 Feb 2011
Spittin' by Candlelight

UpRock Audio ft. Mike G &...

“Awwwwwwwwww SH–!” the wide eyed lyricist exclaims, “There’s nothin’ like bein’ in a pro studio! I’ve always wanted to spit »

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