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11 Oct 2013

UpRockers at the 2013...

his year at the annual Sammies hosted by SN&R, the UpRockers are showing up in force! The Sammies have been going for 22 years strong in Sacramento and many big names »

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15 Nov 2011

Mistaken by UpRock Audio,...

“Mistaken” came about when Propellerhead asked us to showcase the power of their new audio interface, Balance. Being huge Propellerhead supporters, we were honored »

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18 Oct 2011
Soul Food - Used To Be

“Used To Be”...

A very special final installment in the Fresh Beat Sundays series, #20 “Used To Be” by M.Born (Carlo Nuevo.) Check out the rest of the FBS series at M.Born’s »

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11 May 2011
Dream World

Dream World by Carlo Nuevo...

M. Born ft. Brittany Hansen Recorded and Produced by UpRock Audio.

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17 Mar 2011
Jacen Caie Recording at UpRock Audio

Jacen Caie – Lover&...

From the Journal of Grayson Roberts… Friday February 18th, 2011: Gavin and I went to the Guitar Center in Roseville to get some supplies in preparation for our student concert, »

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8 Mar 2011
Set up a Headphone Mix

Setting Up a Headphone Mix...

We’re just going to get straight to business with this first installment of the Reason/Record blog instead of trying to convince you on why you should keep reading. »

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5 Jan 2011
Tocar la Guitarra

Canon Jam

A song covered by Gavin Roberts and UpRock.

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30 Dec 2010

Save Time & Money in...

Recording can easily add up when you're not aware of the ways to save. These simple yet, often overlooked tips will help you save that extra, much needed cash.

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