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What is an Uprocker? Can I be an Uprocker? Why the name Uprocker? Why the name Uprock Audio?

By now you’ve probably heard of the term “Uprocker” multiple times  and asked yourself the same questions? What better way to find out, than to ask the 4 Uprock brothers themselves. I sat down with the siblings and threw the ball in the middle. This is what happened.

  • John: Oh cool a ball
  • Gavin: (guides the ball softly) Let the ball roll guys, it will eventually find its peaceful home on its own.
  • Dean: (hears the thud sound of the ball bouncing) Let’s sample that!
  • Grayson: …
Wait where’s Grayson? Ok ok in all seriousness here’s the real interview.  

 What is an Uprocker?

  • G: An “Uprocker” is someone on the inside of the Uprock community.
  • D:  Yeah! So obviously “Uprockers” is us as owners, but its way more than that. Its people that we work with on a regular basis, in our community.
  • J: Yeah! That’s pretty much it.
  • G: But we also want kids and students, and everyone we record with to be able to identify themselves as “Uprockers”.
  • D: It really is anyone within our network. Despite if you record with us or not.
  • J: It’s more than the general web of network. For example: Jason Root! He is an “Uprocker” all day! Its people that are fighting our cause whether or not they are directly involved with our business.
  • D: And that’s because the cause is bigger than us. It’s about good local music. There’s huge talent here and “Uprockers” are people that are putting it out there. “Uprockers” are people who don’t just enjoy good music, they get behind it.
  • G: Yes! They engage in the music community.
  • D: Anyone who posts and talk about music, or someone who’s learning/making music.
  • J: Even (people) just liking our posts!
  • G: Or If you come out to our open mics.
  • D: The fact that there is local grown, good music and it excites you, and you interact with others because of it, that makes you an “Uprocker”.

Why the name Uprock Audio?

  • J: It’s a slew of different reasons.
  • G: It’s initially rooted from the hip hop term “Uprocking”, as Dean could explain it from his dancing background as a “Bboy”.
  • D: As a break dancer when you’re dancing to the music, means you’re “Uprocking”. It has a huge musical connotation to it. It’s not just the move when you spin on your head, it’s the part when you’re moving and enjoying the music.
  • G: And the term has layers to it. I liked it from the lessons and guitar standpoint, because of the upward progression of rock. Moving up or rocking up. It’s improvisational and engaging. It’s a battle, but also a showcase between two people. I completely vibe off that because of my martial arts and jazz background. It’s pouring something into the mix and letting it feedback.

How did the name Uprock Audio come about?

  • J: Specifically, Dean and I were sitting in our garage plotting to become a studio. Our original name was “The Key of G’s” because of our last names. (Glover)
  • G: Oh God!
  • J: Oh geez!
  • D: And it could’ve worked because Gavin and Grayson’s name too. So it could have stayed that way.
  • J: It’s so cheesy!
  • G: Super cheesy. But it would make a cool shirt
  • Everyone at the same time: The Key of G’s!
  • J: Okay anyways, Dean was wearing a shirt at the time and on the back it said “Crown City Rockers” and he turned around and out of nowhere I just said, Uprock! And Dean was like Yeah!
  • D: So then we started throwing names out. “Uprock Recording” Nah. “Uprock Music” Nope. Uprock Audio Yes! It just rolls off the tongue.

 So there you have it, from the original Uprockers themselves. They’ve come a long way from pipe dreams in garages, and with your help, Uprock is slowly becoming a staple in the community. This year thanks to positive word of mouth referrals from current students and musicians, we have been steadily growing. We’ve seen increases this month, with strong summer enrollments, but there’s still room and we are always accepting students. Be sure to schedule a complementary studio tour and first lesson! I’ve witnessed Uprock build from the bottom firsthand, and have been blessed to be a part of the movement. Like any dream manifested, it always starts at the heart, powered by hard work, and completed by support. That support is what we call “Uprockers”. Thank you all for being a part of the movement. Support local music. Support local business. Go Uprockers!!!

Your Trusted Blogger – M.Born

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