Well, well, well we meet again my friends. If you’ve been keeping up the last few weeks thank you! And if you’re new here, welcome to the weekly Uprockers Blog!  We had an all star lineup last week recording some great tunes, and a new Uprocker who just joined our growing family.
Ms. Ali K started off our week , working with good old J.Glover recording vocals for her solo project.  Ali is a local folk and pop artist who’s not only a great talent, but also an activist, raising awareness against sex trafficking throughout the community. Ali ranges from Christian, to acoustic, folk and pop indie. She is currently unsigned, utilizing her music and talent to bring people closer to Christ and help those in need. Ali is also a worship servant who is very passionate about her music. If you’d like to catch a glimpse of Ali check out her links here:





          Speaking of talent, we are excited to introduce our newest Uprocker; Claire Wright! The local Auburn artist pretty much does it all. She’s a singer-songwriter, actress and model with a folk and pop sound. She just placed top 3 on radio stations 100.5 singing contest, and was recently named Ms. California High School. Not too bad for a 17 yr old eh? She is currently working on her solo debut with a working title of “California Coast” co-produced by TJ McNulty and John Glover. I had heard about Claire prior to meeting her and she’s a pleasure to be around. Positive, fun with a big bright smile to go along with her amazing voice. Expect more of the young and beautiful Claire Wright. Welcome to the family Claire. Follow along with Claire on her journey.





  We finished our busy week with the multi genre, singer-songwriter; Ryan Traughber. Working with Dean Glover, the two worked in detail, carving away production for Ryan’s song “ A Mile In Their Shoes” featuring Rasar Thejeli. I’ve had the unfinished version bumping away the last few days, and the two make a killer combo. Ryan’s smooth voice and strong songwriting, accompanied with Rasar’s cadence is unmatched. I cannot wait to see where Ryan’s music develops. He continues to create without limits and it’s only the sky for Mr.Traughber. Keep up the great work!  

    This sums it all up folks. It’s always my great pleasure to keep you updated. We are growing continuously, and thank you for coming along. Signing off with your weekly inspirational quote, see you next week!      
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind its faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”-Albert Einstein.

Your Trusted Blogger-M.Born


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