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As Uprockers, we want to help and cater to the music community as much as we can. So every week, we host 2 open mics in two different locations. Every Wednesday, we organize at Bar 101 in old Roseville just across from our studio. Hosted by Grayson Roberts starting at 8pm, we welcome anyone to jump on stage. We’ve had great success so far with performances from all types of entertainers. From singer songwriters, stand up comedians, jazz bands, to hip hop. Bar 101 provides a great venue with a full dinner and drink menu. (Under 21 allowed) The stage is equipped with stage lighting and great sound mix.Expect the unexpected. Come on down!

         On the 2nd and 4th Fridays, we host the open mic at Shady Coffee and Tea located at 325 Douglas Blvd. Led by Gavin Roberts, Shady’s open mic has been one of the “places to be”, weekly filled with both locals and unknown artists. Shady provides a great intimate patio, comfortable with lots of seating and of course caffeine and good eats. The signup sheets on any given night could be filled with local talent, to “The Voice” contestants, Sammy nominees & winners, and the best part-hidden talent! Did I mention they also serve craft beers? What else could you ask for on a summer Friday night!?
                                                                                                                                                                      Personally, I love open mics. What better way to showcase and interact with local musicians. In the new digital age, they give us the chance to interact physically and share our passion. There are no substitutes. Have a healthy fear of stage fright? Jump on and conquer it. Want to try a new song out? Come perform! Or maybe you’re too shy in front of a crowd? Well then, why not check out a night to just sit back and watch and learn. Who knows?  Maybe in the spur of the moment you’ll be inspired to walk up and sign your name. Or your favorite artist shows up and performs your favorite song! More importantly, it’s a great way to support not only local music, but also local businesses. I’ve had my fair share of stage fright, and I owe it all to open mics and friends who pushed me up there, and even literally at times. In the end, you’ll thank me for it. Someone out there, somewhere, is going through what you are. You’ll never know whose listening. Share your passion. Someone once told me “What good is wisdom unshared?”  Well the same goes for your music. It’s time! See you there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Every Wednesday at 8 pm at “Bar 101”. 101 Main Street Roseville, Ca.Hosted by Grayson Roberts. Every 2nd and 4thFridays at “Shady Coffee And Tea”. 325 Douglas Blvd Roseville, Ca.Hosted by Gavin Roberts. Every 1st and 3rdFridays are hosted by David Albertson and Friends.Sign ups at 6:30 and performances from 7-10.

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