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  This month’s featured artist is not only a good friend, but also a super talented musician; Stevie Nader. I caught up with “The Nader” for a quick interview in the midst of his busy schedule, performing and recording his debut album “333”. (co-produced and engineered by John Glover) Stevie has been a well known artist around these parts, and has established a solid digital following as well. His trademark soulful voice and crafty guitar, has earned him a solid fan base and mutual respect from many artists. Original and diverse, Stevie is paving the way for a new wave of exciting and talented artists from Sacramento. In honor of “333”, I asked Stevie a series of questions in threes.


1. Walk us through a regular day in the life of Stevie.
Wake up, gym, eat, music, work.
2. When and how did you start music?
I started playing music in 6thgrade, taking guitar lessons as my first formal training. But I was always singing for fun as a kid.
3. What’s cooking?


1. 3 words to describe your music or yourself as an artist?
Soul, Real, and Truthful
2. Name 3 Of Your biggest influences? Dead or Alive? Inside or outside of music?
Zero 7, Parents, aaaand  Ron Swanson.
3. Name 3 Artists you’d love to work with. Could be same or different from influences?
Zero 7, Mount Kimbie and MF Doom.


4. 3 Pieces of advice for young creative people?
-If you’re genuine about what you do, people will respect you.
-Value is subjective
-Don’t give up.
5. Name 3 artists in your iphone now?
-Prodigy, Kanye and Telepop Musik (starts bumping it while we head nod)

 SPEED ROUND(that ended up not so speedy)

Hulk vs Wolverine ?
Beyonce or Rhianna?
Red Pill or Blue Pill?
The one that wakes you up.
Last 3 words?
Meat, Music, Scotch.
                                                                                                                                                                  I’ve personally known Stevie for a few years now and have had cool opportunities to work with him as well. He’s truly an artist’s artist. I know how hard he’s worked over the years and I’m glad to see that he’s finally releasing his album. I recall us discussing his vision a while back, and to witness its manifestation is inspiring. As humble as he is talented, he continues to motivate me and everyone, to take it to the next level. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing “333”, and without giving too much away, it is just plainly, but intricately-New. There’s something special there when you can’t quite pinpoint what you’re experiencing. Soulful, creative, organic, and electronic. All the while familiar, but unpredictable. In today’s air waves littered with recycled repetition of the same gimmicky noise they pass off as music, Stevie somehow created new.“333” is nothing short of groundbreaking in my opinion. So with all that said, don’t believe the hype. Download the latest single “Take You on” at www.stevienader.bandcamp.com  (for free) and judge for yourself come August 2013.
    “333” is set to release in August this year. Recorded and mixed at Uprock Audio. Co produced by John Glover. See Stevie Nader live at: Naked Lounge June 22 And The Launch festival Sept 8.   Follow Stevie at: www.Stevienader.com www.Facebook.com/stevienader Instagram and Twitter @stevienadermusic
  Stevie Nader “Taking On” the crowd at The Pagoda in San Jose Ca.    

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