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Here at UpRock, we aren’t just interested in making music, we want to help YOU learn to do the same. Soon we will be offering a full range of educational videos and tutorials including:

Guitar Lessons

Covering topics of interest to aspiring guitarists and established players alike, including: playing techniques, soloing and improvisation, music theory, and various styles of playing.

Song Tutorials

In depth tutorials covering popular songs for guitarists, arranged especially for the solo performer.

Propellerhead Reason Tutorials

Designed with new Reason users in mind, these tutorials will cover everything from the basics of getting familiar with the software and setting up your first projects, to more advanced uses of different effects and devices that even many experienced users have yet to discover.

Recording Techniques

The world of recording can sometimes get very technical and confusing. This series will help the home-based recording artist learn to improve the quality of their projects.

Leave us a bit of info and we’ll let you know when UpRock Education is launched.

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  1. Help me getting back into Guitar!

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