“Mistaken” came about when Propellerhead asked us to showcase the power of their new audio interface, Balance. Being huge Propellerhead supporters, we were honored share with the world just how fun and easy using Balance and Reason can be.

Our concept was to do a sampled Hip-Hop track with a twist. Instead of sampling from a record, we decided to invite our friend, and accomplished local singer-songwriter, Stevie Nader to record one of his originals here in the studio. After laying down his song as a foundation, UpRock’s John Glover took over and added some tasty keys and mixed the track. Once we had a nice sounding track to work with, we decided to start the sampling.

From here the song was chopped up and sampled MPC style by UpRock’s Dean Glover. Once drums were added, the song started taking on enough structure for MC M.Born (SoulFood) to start writing his lyrics. As UpRock shaped the beat into a final product, M.Born’s vision came together. John added some more guitar and Dean added some fun automation and did the final mix.

The project was completed in a jam-packed one day session. Balance helped the process to go smoothly so we could focus on the music-making as opposed to any technical issues. If you’re looking to get your first audio interface, we would definitely recommend Balance.

Below, you can listen to the track in it’s entirety and even download the Reason project file. If you have any questions, leae them in the comments box at the bottom. Enjoy!

Download the Reason Project File!

Project File
Want to see how we made the song? You can download the full project file here and poke around.
Reason Demo
You will need Reason 6 to open the file. If you don’t have it, you can download the demo version here:

Coming Soon!

Here at UpRock, we aren’t just interested in making music, we want to help YOU learn to do the same. Soon we will be offering a full range of educational videos and tutorials including:

Guitar Lessons

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Song Tutorials

In depth tutorials covering popular songs for guitarists, arranged especially for the solo performer.

Propellerhead Reason Tutorials

Designed with new Reason users in mind, these tutorials will cover everything from the basics of getting familiar with the software and setting up your first projects, to more advanced uses of different effects and devices that even many experienced users have yet to discover.

Recording Techniques

The world of recording can sometimes get very technical and confusing. This series will help the home-based recording artist learn to improve the quality of their projects.

Leave us a bit of info and we’ll let you know when UpRock Institute is launched.

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  1. You guys are all awesome and so talented. I love hearing the stuff you guys do! I also love the videos, they rock!

  2. Reason DEMO version 6 can not open your project file.

    • Sorry about that. we are waiting to get the demo version of the file converted and back from propellerheads. I’ll email you when we post it

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