Soul Food - Used To Be

A very special final installment in the Fresh Beat Sundays series, #20 “Used To Be” by M.Born (Carlo Nuevo.) Check out the rest of the FBS series at M.Born’s Soundcloud. Produced by Footwords (Dean Glover) of “Soul Food”. Video by KhomaProductions.

You can find the complete lyrics for the song here.

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  1. “I hit you with that funky soulful hungry but Im Ol Skool
    Spit fire but so cool wisdom for your mind
    Representing Soul Food
    Humble but Im boastful
    Sickenin with the vocals
    Gifted with the rhymes…”
    Soul Food Soul Food Soul Food Soul Food- M.Born

  2. I love you Khoma

  3. I just wanted to see what my icon would be if i commented….

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