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Anything is possible in music, but not everyone has the experience and resources to express their full creative potential. That’s where we come in. As musicians and artists we are constantly following our own paths of self expression and growth through music. As professional instructors, studio musicians, engineers, and producers we are constantly seeking to improve the quality of the services and guidance that we offer to fellow artists and students seeking to reach their fullest level of creative expression. Whether learning with us, recording with us, or performing with us, you are sure to experience a level of excitement and joy that will continue to inspire you for a long time to come.

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  • My 10-year-old son Nate has been taking guitar lessons at UpRock for a year and a half now. Gavin, his teacher, is incredibly patient and has a real love for music. He really inspires Nate by teaching him songs of Nate’s choice. I can’t believe the number of complex songs Nate plays already. And Gavin has even encouraged him to perform on stage, both at the annual recital and at an open mic night that he hosts at a local cafe. Playing the guitar has really given Nate a positive focus for his creative passion, and is great for his self esteem.
    by Leila O. (via Yelp)

  • Best recording experience in years. The guys totally took my project to heart and made it theirs. Completely exceeded my expectations. They took the time to pour their own creativity into my stuff and added new dimensions to it which speaks volumes. I’ll be doing as much of my recording with UpRock as possible.
    by Lyle Day

  • Woodshoprocks.com is proud to endorse UpRock Audio. These guys are talented in all aspects of music. Their ability to perform on drums, bass, and guitar and sharing this knowledge with students is amazing.
    by Duane Calkins founder of www.woodshoprocks.com

  • Uprock Audio has been an awesome place for both my son and daughter to take guitar lessons. Gavin, their instructor has not only been a great teacher, but encouraging as well as nurturing their love of music. The concerts Gavin puts on every year for the students, showcases what they’ve learned and has been an amazing experience for them.
    by Collette M.